About Maximus Career Advisory Tool

Based on recent research, a high percentage of employees are not completely satisfied with their jobs. With this Career Advisory Tool, they would be able to find a better job fit.

Maximus Career Advisory Tool (MCAT) is a result of years of research and development. Established in 2009, it has helped thousands of candidates seek better job fits in their careers.

This profile test actually offers specific job options to the candidate who takes the test. It does not offer vague job domain, but very specific job types.

1. Students benefit by knowing exactly what job to aim for, which course to pursue and which direction to head towards. This shortens their Success journey by averting years of working in jobs with the wrong fit.

2. Employees who are unhappy with their job or lack job satisfaction will be able to find better job fits which will allow them to play by their natural strengths.

How it works

Natural strengths are strengths which individuals naturally possess and enjoy working with. These are the natural strengths they possess all along and these strengths change very little throughout their lifetime. They find working with these strengths pleasurable and they will also require less effort when carrying out tasks when leveraging on them. Therefore, they tend to gravitate towards tasks which allows them to play by these strengths.

Example: A person with 'leadership' as a natural strength assumes leadership roles with ease, whereas people who do not have these strengths can still be leaders but do not enjoy leadership roles.

Other natural strengths includes: Communication, Competitiveness, Explorer, Creativity etc. We have classified 29 Natural strengths in our profile.

Every job requires the individual to play on certain combination of strengths.

This test has a complex matrix which matches the individual's strength types to the matching job type in order to get the perfect fit.

How to take the test

You can take the career test by purchasing a user code from the website www.mcat.sg

The payment can be made through Paypal.

Organizations who wish to purchase these codes in bulk but are not able to pay via Paypal should contact us at : admin@mcat.sg

The test will be conducted online. A set of questions will be given to you. Complete the 29 questions and the results will be given to you immediately via an email copy.

The test will take around 10mins

Certification as a Career Advisory Coach

Please contact us if you are interested to be certified as a Career advisor coach.
Upon completing the programme,

You will be able to advise candidates on their career fit based on
1. Their Natural strength type
2. Their Personality type
3. Certified to use and consult using the Maximus Career Advisory Tool


Certified to act as a Career Coach to advise new employees, students, family and during counselling.

Corporate usage

The MCAT can also be used for corporations who want to find the strength make-up of their employees. This will be conducted as an in-house programme. We will be able to chart the corporate strength based on the make-up of your employee type.

It will help leaders identify the strengths of individuals and allow leaders to assign the correct task to the correct individuals so as to achieve optimal results.

1. Senior management will be able to have an overview on the strength profile of the organization
2. To deploy the right staff to the right task and achieve employee job satisfaction.
3. To avoid deploying the wrong person to a given task and avoid costly consequences.

For in-house programmes, please contact christian@christianchua.com